Ode to Red Tide: The STATE of Florida

March 2019

Ode to Red Tide is a show of expressive art that addresses the effects of Red Tide and other oceanic challenges. This exhibit is a deliberate effort to raise awareness about these occurrences and how it impacts our lives.

Important Dates

Application Deadline: Sat., February 16

Delivery of Artwork: Mon., February 25

Gallery Opening & Reception: Fri., March 22 / 5-8 pm

Pick Up: Mon., April 1 

Ode to Red Tide art gallery show

Women Who Take Joyful Ownership

May 2019

Women Who Take Joyful Ownership (of their Value in the World) is an art exhibition dedicated to works that primarily refer to women and young ladies who have changed the world through their inner strength, perseverance, determination, courage, vulnerability, uniqueness and raw love.  These women have made these every day changes with grace, humility, integrity and joy in their hearts.  

Important Dates

Application Deadline: Sat., April 20

Delivery of Artwork: Mon., April 29 

Gallery Opening & Reception: Fri., May 10 / 5-8 p.m.

Pick Up: Mon., May 29 

Please refer to the application for guidelines and requirements.

Take Joyful Ownership by Michele Stone