Workshop: Pottery Experience

Pottery Wheel Throwing Hand Image by riteshphotography from Pixabay

Image by riteshphotography from Pixabay

This is a 2-day pottery experience workshop. During the first week, the instructor will guide participants through the steps of creating on the wheel, ultimately helping each person create 2-3 pieces. Students will glaze their pieces during the second week. 

  • Age

    55+ (Fall I & II)

    18+ (Winter I & II)

  • Instructor

    Alexis Arrazcaeta

  • Level

    All Levels

  • Required Materials


  • Materials Fee:


  • Tuition

    $50 member / $58 non-member

Winter II

2 day workshop
THU, FEB. 27
9:30 – 11 AM
THU. APR. 16
9:30 – 11 AM

(Non-refundable online processing fees apply.)