Workshop: All About Color

Paint Brush with color applied to canvasThe physics of color and the various theories that scientists have proposed over the centuries are interesting; but the focus of this workshop is the stuff that comes out of the tubes and applied to canvas.

Topics include:

  • What is color
  • Light
  • Eyesight and perception
  • Pigments and paint
  • Complementary Colors
  • Mixing to create grays
  • Mixing to tint and shade colors
  • Impressionist ideas about color

Students will have acrylic paints and canvas to try out mixes in class.

  • Age


  • Instructor

    Gainor Roberts - artGainor Roberts

  • Level

    Beginner to Intermediate

  • Required Materials


  • Materials Fee:

    $15 (due to the instructor on the first day of class)

  • Tuition


Fall I

FRI., OCT. 11
1-3:30 PM

(Non-refundable online processing fees apply.)