At the Carrollwood Cultural Center, there is a special group of people. Volunteers assist with class registration, special events, the Center’s official newsletter,   Centerpieces, and daily operations. Students also help on occasion in exchange for school community service credit. We appreciate these special people and their willingness to help spread the magic.

We are now recruiting student volunteers to join our 2016 Camp Crew!  Our Camp Crew is the backbone of our summer camp program. As a member of the Camp Crew, you will assist the staff, faculty and campers each week as they explore different themes through art, music, dance and theatre. Interested? Complete a 2016 Student Volunteer Camp Application and contact Ruth Levy at ruth@carrollwoodcenter.org.

Thank you to our volunteers!

  • 2008 Volunteer Hours Logged = 1,532
  • 2009 Volunteer Hours Logged = 3,336
  • 2010 Volunteer Hours Logged = 3,750
  • 2011 Volunteer Hours Logged = 2,900
  • 2012 Volunteer Hours Logged = 6,042
  • 2013 Volunteer Hours Logged = 5,977
  • 2014 Volunteer Hours Logged =  4,427
  • 2015 Volunteer Hours Logged =  4,065

If you are interested in joining the Center’s Volunteer Program, please email Ruth Levy at  ruth@carrollwoodcenter.org

2015 Volunteer of the Year: Kimberly Rostas

  • Quarter I: Gerry Ostroff
  • Quarter II: Jacee Clark
  • Quarter III: Sharon Danaher
  • Quarter IV: Kimberly Rostas

2014 Volunteer of the Year: Norma Stemm

  • Quarter I: Neville Jackson
  • Quarter II: Edna Parker
  • Quarter III: Barbara Kime
  • Quarter IV: Linda Delapenha

2013 Volunteer of the Year: Dee Lehner

  • Quarter I: Ellia Swiliak
  • Quarter II: Norma Stemm
  • Quarter III: Dee Lehner
  • Quarter IV: Joyce Ruby

2012 Volunteer of the Year: Rev. Marti Mattner

  • Quarter I: Carol Brill
  • Quarter II: Bob Kerns
  • Quarter III: Rev. Marti Mattner
  • Quarter IV: Terry LaRosa

 Thank you to ALL of our volunteers!