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Presidents’ Circle

In memory of C. Robert & Myrtle Ilsley Passantino

Ambassadors’ Circle

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Preston

Mr. Richard & Mrs. Katherine Woltmann

Champions’ Circle

Ms. Alexis Leslie Barbieri

Ms. Evelyn Bless

Ms. Lauretta Chrys

Mr. William & Mrs. Catharine DeMare

Ms. Esther C. Dillenbeck

Mr. & Mrs. Jay Gibson

Mr. Chris & Mrs. Linda Hugues

Dr. Jan L. McCarthy

Ms. Mary Ann McCoy

Mrs. Imogene McMahon

Mr. Neil & Ms. Diane Smith

Patrons’ Circle

Mr. Mike  & Mrs. Shirley Adams

Mr. Jim & Mrs. Doris Burge

Dr. Cynthia Fryer Cohen & Mr. Murray Cohen

Ms. Linda Delapenha


Ms. Vicki Glennon

Ms. Shirley Lolus

Mr. Ron & Mrs. Nancy Manning

Mr. Fred W. Mulholland

Dr. Marty & Mrs. Barbara Port

Mrs. Mary Ann Ratliff

Mr. Benjamin Richter & Dr. Katherine Simondsen

Mr. J.R. & Mrs. Sylvia Russell

Dr. Ronald & Mrs. Rita Schonwetter

Ms. Nancy Stearns

Mr. Richard Tremper

Women Authors Book Club