Peter Stilton

Peter Stilton

“The Sea and I”

Wherever I have lived and travelled, the sea calls to me.  I spent many hours and days in places like Death Valley and the Sierra, but it was Big Sur and Malibu that I was insatiably drawn to. And yet, it always ended in Maine, where I first saw the ocean. So whether it has been the Pacific, the Mediterranean, the Baltic, the Adriatic, the Gulf of Mexico… the shades of blue, from the deepest Aegean mother of blue to the often bright silver of down east Maine…and the greens of emerald and jade…all are present for me daily in the ever  changing waters of Acadia National Park, minutes from our house on the Schoodic peninsula.  The tides are dramatic, and the igneous bulwarks of extinct ancient volcanoes ( my high tower) put me in touch with the infinity of Spirit. Every day reveals new metaphors and perspectives; each cove and cliff are unique visual orchestrations or compositions of shapes, forms, and colors.

These paintings only hint at the deep relationship the sea and I have…and each painting captures only a limited aspect of what I see, hear, and feel.  But each one is a step in a stairway to understanding God’s power and allness, and the indivisible unity we have as  purely spiritual beings in a world beyond finite matter.

 – Peter Stilton

Shyama’s Art

Shyama’s Art



Expanded Gesture: Sculptures by Jack Casey

Expanded Gesture: Sculptures by Jack Casey

Gallery Opening & Reception: Friday, November 4 • 5-8 pm

The artist makes a splash with his giant abstract brush stroke sculptures as Featured Artist at the Carrollwood Cultural Center November and December.

Jack Casey has made the brushstroke itself the subject of these fresh wall sculptures. He loves the act of painting so much that he has expanded the gesture on low relief panels that are mounted away from the wall enough to let the glory of the neon color on the back to reflect a halo around the stroke itself.  His love of painting inspired these vibrant expressions. Jack will also have several oil paintings on display of homes and parks in Tampa with slim glowing silhouettes reminiscent of Edward Hopper. READ MORE

Artist Statement

I was born in Norfolk, Va., 1947.  Raised in Tampa.  Attended the University of Tampa and the University of South Florida.

From 1978 to 86 my vocations was the restoration of architecture such as he Tampa Theater an the Snell Arcade in St.Petersburg, Florida

After 1984 I began the restoration of oil paintings, teaching oil painting and eventually painting them for my own pleasure.

The non-objective sculptures came about in 1986. These sculptures are in public art collections such as The University of South Florida, St.Petersburg Campus, the All People’s Life Center, Temple Terrace, Florida the Alachua County Health Department as well as private collections.

I have worked at a variety of art related jobs: layout artist at Maas Brothers, graphic artist at WTVT, muralist, hand colorist at the Graphicstudio for Nancy Graves and assistant and conservator for James Rosenquist.

“Color, Light, and Motion” by Vanessa Montenegro

“Color, Light, and Motion” by Vanessa Montenegro

Artist Statement

My latest collection of vibrant pastel drawings is called “Color, Light, and Motion.” It is an explosion of artistic movement and vibrant color.  Like a late afternoon Florida sky bursting with ever changing colors, shapes, life, and emotion.  Sometimes awe, sometimes joy, sometimes pure drama.

I love to capture color, light and the moment. I am inspired by Florida’s beauty, animals, nature, people and sports. The titles of my artwork are as important as the pieces themselves since they tell part of the story. The main characteristic of my work is the bold colors and energetic movement.

I create my pieces as a sketch using soft pastels. The soft pastels allow me to work fast. The bold strokes, the moving lines and vibrant colors on top of color paper or board make my artwork come alive and adds to the flow of motion and energy. The color of the paper outlines the bold colors, creating a resting area for the viewer’s eye.

My philosophy as an artist is always to have fun while doing art and to spread my passion and enthusiasm for art to others.

– Vanessa Montenegro

About Vanessa

I studied fine arts at Miami Dade Community College, The New World School of the Arts and Florida International University, specializing in energetic, colorful drawings, the figure form, and realistic paintings. I have always worked in a variety of mediums and produced paintings and drawings of different scales. I moved to Tampa more than a decade ago, and since then I have been involved in the art community in Tampa. I am one of the two founders of the  Westchase Artists Society, and I was part of the Art Advisory Committee of Hillsborough County for three years. I am also a member of the Coalition of Hispanic Artists and Miniature Art Society of Florida. Currently, I work as a full-time artist, creating my artwork, working on art commissions, and teaching art at my art studio. I participate in several art shows a year, and you can find some of my work on the web, galleries and public art project around Florida. For more information, visit my website

Visionaries: Artists Building Strong Communities

Visionaries: Artists Building Strong Communities

Visionaries is an exhibit that showcases programs that build creativity and vitality in Tampa through the arts. The exhibit will highlight arts organizations and participant’s art that shows that creativity is the catalyst for positive change within communities.

Official Gallery Opening: Friday, November 4 (5-8 pm)

Participating organizations:

  • Artistas Café – Artistic development and exhibition for artists with autism
  • Community Stepping Stones – Urban  studio for young artists
  • Florida Suncoast Decorative Artists – Painting on surfaces to encourage hospital patients
  • Hispanic Coalition of Artists – Artistic and cultural development and exhibition for Hispanic Americans
  • Idlewild  Baptist Church – Developing artistic skills in people living with disabilities
  • Mary Bradley – Therapeutic programs for seniors
  • Suncoast Kid’s Place – Therapeutic program for grieving children
  • VSA – Art experiences for people living with disabilities

(Featured Art: “Vision Dancer” by Mark Gonzalez)

Bradley Arthur

Bradley Arthur

p1130648Bradley Arthur is the perfect artist to respond to our artists’ call to Illuminations: Truth and Iconology show because he has been inspired by words, and he has something to say.  His work speaks to that which lies beneath the surface of our conscience using a few words, simple materials and light. His earliest work reflects the beginning of his longstanding use of already existing materials as his primary medium. This preference is fueled by his respect of the inherent processes of nature Transforming and re-contextualizing, whether its information, language or material objects.

He has worked with master artists in apprenticeships with metal, bronze and marble sculptors in France, Italy and New York City.  After he attended the Lacoste School of the Arts (1978) in Provence, France, Arthur apprenticed for the Japanese Master stone carver Yasuo Mizui in Paris and Nancy, France. In January 1978, Arthur had his first NYC exhibition.  In the late 70’s and early 80’s he worked in the stone and bronze studios of Pietrasanta, Italy. He maintained a studio in a historical landmark building in Tribeca in lower Manhattan from 1978-1997. His award winning artwork has been exhibited in over adozen solo shows and more than 150 group exhibitions, including at the Grand Palais in Paris and  numerous exhibitions in New York City at Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center, Phillips de Pury & Company in Chelsea and Ronald Feldman Fine Arts in Soho.  His 2001 Public Art commission from Hillsborough County “Components of Public Safety” was made from recycled the guns and weapons collected from a multi-county gun buyback program to produce two original multi- ton sculptures. The larger work titled “COPS I” is sited in front of the Sheriff’s Operations Center in Ybor City. The other sculpture he dedicated to those who’ve lost loved ones during public service “COPS  II” and  is located on Gunn Highway in Citrus Park. He designed and created the Kol Ami Star Memorial and meditation garden sited in front of Congregation Kol Ami  in Tampa.  Arthur’s sculptures are in private and public collections here and abroad. His early large works are listed in the Smithsonian Institution’s inventory of American Painting and Sculpture.  A number of his smaller sculptures including his texted-based works were purchased by the renowned collector Richard Brown Baker, and are now part of the collection of Yale University Art Gallery in New Haven, Connecticut.

Jorge Cainas

Jorge Cainas

By Jorge Cainas

By Jorge Cainas

Born in Tampa, Florida, I began my artistic expression at a young age, primarily, in drawing. I treated art as a hobby, a pass-time, or a way to express myself at times. But had never quite taken it seriously until my first year in college, 2011.

In 2011 I became very ill. Facing my own mortality as a young adult caused me to decide what sort of life I would want to live, if I ever recovered. Approximately eleven weeks in and out of hospitals, mostly laying in a bed, left me a lot of time to think about that decision. I realized how much I loved art, among many other realizations, and decided that I wanted to pursue art more than anything. I finally started to recover and began exploring what art is and what form of art I enjoyed the most.

Now my goal as an artist is to amass a body of work that incorporates various art forms and that also overlaps multiple art forms within individual pieces. I hope to someday become accomplished as a truly well-rounded  artist in all art forms available to the modern artist.

Due to my intentions to accumulate a body of work over my lifetime I have chosen to focus on art forms that are more easily accomplished during my youth.

I have many themes present within my work. But to describe it briefly: I aim to create work that combats notions of death present in myself and the audience.

Robert Herbenick

Robert Herbenick

Honeymoon Island Beach

“Honeymoon Island Beach” by Robert Herbenick


Oils, acrylics, pencil


Robert enjoys painting outdoors in many of the local parks that are within a short drive of his home in Safety Harbor, FL. Studies are created directly from nature and are reference for larger paintings.

QUOTE FROM THE ARTIST:  I am extremely fortunate to live in an area with such an abundance of subjects to paint. I draw and paint various subjects with waterfowl being of current interest. I look forward to many years of what I enjoy most, creating art.


  • Self-taught artist with a lifelong interest, and real time commitment since retirement in 2006.
  • Reference materials include books, magazines, and videos of foremost artists from around the globe.


Member of Professional Association of Visual Artists (PAVA)


Past exhibitions at Ruth Eckerd Hall, Featured Artist Palm Harbor Library, One Person Show at Clearwater Municipal Building, Annual PAVA Membership Exhibit and Awards at Largo Library, Clearwater Library, Star Spangled Art Show Carrollwood Cultural Center 2nd Place in 2013 and Best of Show in 2015, Guest Artist at Rotary Centennial Nature Center, Honeymoon Island State Park, January—May, 2016. Judge Dunedin Creative Arts Guild Show in April, 2016, Friends of Island Parks 2016 Earth Days Artist on Display,

July, 2016 Cool Art Show St. Petersburg, FL. Featured Artist at Carrollwood Cultural Center, September—October, 2016. January 29, 2017 Participating Artist “An artPHL Afternoon”, demonstration and silent auction at Palm Harbor Library.

Illuminations: Truth & Iconology

Illuminations: Truth & Iconology


  • 1st Place: Keats was Right by Gainor Roberts (oil)
  • 2nd Place: Look Deeper by Bradley Arthur (welded nails)
  • 3rd Place: Learning by Ruth Pettis (calligraphic text)
  • Honorable Mention: Books on a Chair by Carole Flagg (oil)
  • Honorable Mention: Musing the Muses by Dolores Glover Kaufman (mixed media collage)
  • Honorable Mention: It’s Complicated by Ann Henson (mixed media)
  • Judge: Patricia Callihan

Iconology is a term coined from the Greek Icon and Logos. The show includes 34 pieces representing 21 artists and is divided into four themes: Social Awareness, Wisdom, Aspirations and Integrity. Entries include works with a word or phrase in the composition, or words that are actually illustrations. Ribbons and prizes will be awarded at the reception.

The exhibit also includes a special 12-piece showcase by artist and sculpture Bradley Arthur. Mr. Arthur’s award winning artwork has been exhibited in over a dozen solo shows and more than 100 group exhibitions, including the Grand Palais in Paris and Lincoln Center, Phillips de Pury & Company and Ronald Feldman Fine Arts in New York City. (Read More)

The Artists of Illuminations: Truth & Iconology:

  • Bradley Arthur
  • Glenda Chaconas
  • Maurice Corredor
  • Elena Diaz
  • Robin J. Fick
  • Carol Flagg
  • Mark Gonzalez
  • Ann Henson
  • Dolores Kaufman
  • Dirce Kennedy
  • Ameena Khan
  • Patricia King
  • Nancy J. Kirkpatrick
  • George Locko
  • Joyce Owens
  • Ruth Pettis
  • Rebecca Piskura
  • Lyle Polyak
  • Gainor Roberts
  • Michelle Stone
  • Mary Toeller
Steve Ramsey

Steve Ramsey

The saxophonist steven ramseySteven Ramsey will be exhibiting a show called The Musicians

Steven Ramsey is a prolific artist from Cleveland, Ohio who has shown his colorful and imaginative paintings in hundreds of art galleries and public buildings across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Nicaragua and the Ivory Coast of Africa. He is planning a show in Paris next.  He has been painting professionally since he graduated from Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio. He is sharing a powerful set of paintings with us to compliment our love of music. The show is from August 25 , 2016 – Jan 16, 2017.