Terry Klaaren: National Parks

January-August 12 (Atrium)

The desire to paint wondrous scenery is the driving force behind Terry Klaaren’s paint expeditions to the grandest sights our country has to offer. By visiting, touring, hiking, biking and paddling in over 70 of our National Parks, Monuments, River Corridors and Grasslands, Klaaren has achieved an intimate relationship painting on-site (Plein air) views from the celebrated Grand Canyon to Wyoming’s stark Devil’s Tower to the backwater mazes in Everglades National Park. Back in his Tampa studio, Klaaren has created his own personal interpretations of the grandeur, quirkiness, and robust character of our vast nation’s environmental canvas.

“I paint or create everyday – either on someone’s wall, out in nature or  in my studio. I truly enjoy creatively translating with paint. Coaching other people to find and expand on their own personal talent while being an all-around artist is a role I happily play.”– Terry Klaaren
 Badlands Horses
Mesa Verde NP -  White House Dwelling
Spider Woman Rock - Canyon de Chelly NP