Water Lilies Claude Monet

Monet’s Apprentice (5-7) w. Michele Stone

Homeschooled kids ages 5 to 7 will have fun as they create original pieces of art while learning about different mediums and techniques.


Drawing Basics (11-13) w. Michele Stone (Virtual Class)

Tweens ages 11 to 13 will learn the basics of shading, value, color, and perspective.

Pottery by zsuzsannasolti at pixabay

Wheel Throwing for Teens (11-13) w. Alexis Arrazcaeta

Teens will learn the basics of wheel throwing by forming and throwing simple shapes on the potter’s wheel.

teen dance hip-hop-1865643_1280 - pd pixabay

Jazz/Hip Hop Dance (9-12) w. Devan Bittinger

Homeschooled and distant-learning tweens and teens move to the rhythm while learning basic jazz and hip hop dance techniques.

Image by Alemko Coksa from Pixabay

Just Dance: Tween Edition (11-13) w. Aaron Washington

A fun, high-energy dance class – perfect for homeschooled and distance-learning tweens.

Pablo Picasso - Petite Picasso

Petite Picasso (5-7) with Michele Stone


Advanced Drawing for Teens (13-17) with Michele Stone