title unknown by Stan Abramson

Stan Abramson: Modern Abstractions

"Polymorphic Dreamer" by Stan Abramson (oil mixed media)

“Polymorphic Dreamer” by Stan Abramson (oil mixed media)

Stan Abramson, showing through January in the Atrium, features six dynamic abstractions in a series of psychological mindscapes. His paintings dreamily feature archetypes, interpersonal expressions and layered with a rare contemporary often comedic reference. He uses active lines and shapes, often conflicting themes that are united by the painter’s keen manipulation of colors, shapes and a natural sense of rhythm that is present in all of his work. His paintings are crammed with content and tend toward a darker encrusted palette, yet each features a visual solution to the dramatic sweeps emotional current. In one painting he even offers a ladder to allow the viewer to escape to wall.  Some of his paintings have recognizable content, but all are heavily layered as if it were the last canvas to ever hold an artist’s soul. Others are completely abstracted content while delivering a visual dance of almost recognizable shapes in a harmonious composition.

Stan Abramson is an Art Educator for Hillsborough County Schools, formerly teaching at Hillsborough Community College, Arts Council, Tallahassee Junior Museum, Adjunct Florida State University, Bainbridge Junior College, and the Vermont Creative Center.