by Sheila Motley-845x321

Sheila Motley

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    Sheila Motley, Featured Artist

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    March & April 2018

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About this Artist

Sheila Motley was born in Surrey, England soon after WWII began.  As an avid tap dancer she performed in many recitals well into her teens and she had a flair for fictional writing too.  While working in London she met the love of her life, John, and accompanied him throughout his career on a fantastic journey to far flung places such as Alaska, South Africa and Dubai.  To occupy her time overseas she turned to embroidery, knitting, silk flower displays and then finally her creativeness lead her towards painting.  Her talents on “canvas” didn’t really appear until well into her 50’s and being self taught Sheila didn’t always work with the mediums in a traditional manner.  She became an avid producer of many pieces of which a few are shared with you here today.  Flowers were her favourite subject, however landscapes and buildings were a close second.  A smattering of animals and portraits also fill out her portfolio which her daughter Michele is currently cataloging and can arrange for your to view.