"Eira" by Rebecca Piskura

Rebecca Piskura

"Eira" by Rebecca Piskura

“Eira” by Rebecca Piskura

Art is more than the result; it is the process that makes it great.  Somewhere between the original thought and the canvas, magic happens.  To me, as an artist, this magic is nowhere more apparent then when I’m striving to capture the light, emotion, beauty and mystery found in the endlessly fascinating always individual and expressive human face.  

This is a great adventure which can take me back in time to study historical themes, soaring on flights of imagination, or deep into the human condition.  I am currently working with the playfulness of watercolors, the luminosity of pastels, and the immediacy of charcoal.  

I’m finding art to be what will certainly be a life-long exploration where both I and my skills are always evolving, as magic unfolds.

I am honored to have portraits in several private collections across the country, to have my art displayed in an international magazine, and I enjoy the opportunity to display my current explorations in local art shows.