Qi-Gong for Energy & Health (Virtual Class)

Tai-Chi instructor Suzanne Chen

Qi-Gong  (pronounced ‘Chee-Gung’) is an ancient Chinese system of coordinated physical postures, movement, breathing techniques, and meditation that is designed to promote health, spirituality, and physical fitness. The system traces its origin to Traditional Chinese Medicine, philosophy, and martial arts.  Qi-Gong is an energy art that can dramatically improve health, concentration, and well-being. It involves gentle repetitive exercise movements and breathing for improving Balance, Mood, Focus, Vitality, Inner Peace & Overall Health. It can be adapted to fit just about any fitness level. 

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    Suzanne ChenSuzanne Chen

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    All Levels

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    This is a virtual class.

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Winter II (Feb. 25 - Apr. 1)

6 weeks
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>Thu., 6-7 pm

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