Key Club 2012

KeyClubMeter-PROGRESS CHARTA piano’s keyboard might appear overly simplistic. Eighty-eight black and white keys lined one-by-one in a perfect row. But, even with the most delicate touch, their intricate dance soon fills the air with song.

Pianos are an important part of the Center’s story. Help us to retire the Center’s piano loan, the organization’s only long-term debt. Retiring the debt will alleviate a $1,400 monthly payment enabling us to build a reserve and fund other worthy programs.

Become a member of KEY CLUB 2012. For just $100, you can purchase a “key” and, as a thank you, we will add your name to the keyboard in the Center’s main entrance, which will track our progress through the end of the year.

Our goal is 88 keys in 2012. Please join us.

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(Please write “Key Club” in the comments section along with how you would like your name to appear on your “key.”)

Thank you to our Key Club members!