Peter Stilton

“The Sea and I”

Wherever I have lived and travelled, the sea calls to me.  I spent many hours and days in places like Death Valley and the Sierra, but it was Big Sur and Malibu that I was insatiably drawn to. And yet, it always ended in Maine, where I first saw the ocean. So whether it has been the Pacific, the Mediterranean, the Baltic, the Adriatic, the Gulf of Mexico… the shades of blue, from the deepest Aegean mother of blue to the often bright silver of down east Maine…and the greens of emerald and jade…all are present for me daily in the ever  changing waters of Acadia National Park, minutes from our house on the Schoodic peninsula.  The tides are dramatic, and the igneous bulwarks of extinct ancient volcanoes ( my high tower) put me in touch with the infinity of Spirit. Every day reveals new metaphors and perspectives; each cove and cliff are unique visual orchestrations or compositions of shapes, forms, and colors.

These paintings only hint at the deep relationship the sea and I have…and each painting captures only a limited aspect of what I see, hear, and feel.  But each one is a step in a stairway to understanding God’s power and allness, and the indivisible unity we have as  purely spiritual beings in a world beyond finite matter.

 – Peter Stilton