Love-Note-by Parker Beaudoin-845x321

Parker Beaudoin

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    Parker Beaudoin, Featured Artist

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    May & June 2018

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    Fri., May 11 • 5-8 p.m.

Artist Statement

Ever since I was able to hold a crayon, I was always involved in art. Through the ups and downs  and struggles of my life, art has always been there for me and given me hope. In turn, my work is meant to be inspiring and enlightening to everyone who views it. I use a style I call “Neo-Popism.” Created with the application of acrylics, watercolors, and oils, I utilize this style to express my inner feelings and thoughts, and transform them into a visual for everyone to see with the use of bright colors and a sense of familiarity. Included in the works are every day factors that we encounter as well as controversial issues; for example the government, politics, sex, and religion. I want to be able to bring out the emotions in people and stir up the world with subject matters that should not be ignored or suppressed.

After being in the tattoo industry since the age of 14 and having a very successful career, I found myself drifting and not as happy as I had once been, so I decided to start working with a different medium. I still love tattooing, but wasn’t in love anymore. So one day I dusted off the old brush and paints after many years of not touching them, and put them together with a canvas and started to create. Now falling back in love with an old talent, I spend anywhere between 2 to 8 hours a day in my studio painting and creating. Having a large amount of collectors and a steady flow of commissions, I decided it was time to start focusing more on my artwork and paintings and less time tattooing.

Bold and colorful creations from my training as a tattoo artist can at times show in my creations, but the symbolism I have learned and the stories and experiences I have not only heard and lived through myself but have been told and seen from my clients is what I try to capture in my work. I want the viewer to see exactly what I create but also be able to interpret the work in their own way, and have their own relationship with the artwork. This means creating a relationship not only with the art, but also between the viewer and myself.

My goal is to be able to share my love and art with everyone through being accessible and affordable. It was at this moment when I created my own company and trademarked brand Spread Love With Art, Inc. This gave a way to offer art in all different prices, sizes, and styles to help my vision come to life, to spread love with art. I have also created a worldwide movement known as “The Red People.” This movement was mainly created to spread love and happiness to the world while bringing people together. It has grown to an international level and continues to grow every single day.

For me, art is a way to bring happiness to others. I want to make this world a more beautiful, brighter, and happier place for everybody one person and place at a time through art.

I currently live and work in Kissimmee, Florida.