Jorge Cainas

By Jorge Cainas

By Jorge Cainas

Born in Tampa, Florida, I began my artistic expression at a young age, primarily, in drawing. I treated art as a hobby, a pass-time, or a way to express myself at times. But had never quite taken it seriously until my first year in college, 2011.

In 2011 I became very ill. Facing my own mortality as a young adult caused me to decide what sort of life I would want to live, if I ever recovered. Approximately eleven weeks in and out of hospitals, mostly laying in a bed, left me a lot of time to think about that decision. I realized how much I loved art, among many other realizations, and decided that I wanted to pursue art more than anything. I finally started to recover and began exploring what art is and what form of art I enjoyed the most.

Now my goal as an artist is to amass a body of work that incorporates various art forms and that also overlaps multiple art forms within individual pieces. I hope to someday become accomplished as a truly well-rounded  artist in all art forms available to the modern artist.

Due to my intentions to accumulate a body of work over my lifetime I have chosen to focus on art forms that are more easily accomplished during my youth.

I have many themes present within my work. But to describe it briefly: I aim to create work that combats notions of death present in myself and the audience.