John Gurbacs

Leaves by John Gurbacs

“Leaves” by John Gurbacs

My paintings have evolved from the observation of the environment, both natural and man-made.

I am also interested in fractals. Fractals are described as computer generated forms that interpret the geometry of nature. It is a system where forms in nature are defined in mathematical terms.

The forms of nature are repeated in the realms of earth, air, fire, water, and ether. This repetition extends from the micro to the macro levels. We can see that the branches of a tree are similar in form  to a bolt lightning or that rings of Saturn resemble the rings of water in a puddle. Yet they exist separately in time, space, and scale. There exists and order of continuity throughout the different realms. There is also a balance between chaos and order the within this system. The stripes of the Zebra appear to be same yet no two Zebras have exactly the same pattern. All humans have similar finger prints yet each one is unique.

To describe my painting process, I take photos of things like construction debris, tropical foliage image, and microscopic patterns. I look for images that connect and complement or contrast. I make many collages and eventual something will make sense. Then I draw out the images on canvas and paint. Some of my paintings take months. I use oil paint on canvas and in my outdoor murals I use latex paint.

In my paintings, I am interested in showing the similarity and contrast between natural and man-made forms. I look for connections and relationships between forms and scenes. By realizing these concerns, recognition occurs both visual a physiological. This helps define for me a fractal like oneness as is found in Buddhist mandala paintings which is a source of inspiration for me. This focus has allowed me to devolve imagery that reflects on a range of issues from social and environmental concerns to mediations on the patterns and actions of nature. By showing a shifting of scenes in my work, events and forms merge while at the same time retain their own individual identity. The interactions  between  the scenes and images help define new relationships and meaning. I am seeking a balance between opposites such as order and chaos, large and small, or the physical and metaphysical. Working with this attitude reveals for me new interpretations and ways of seeing the world.