Hand Building for Kids

2019 By Charlie age 11 - student of Alexis (3)Students will be introduced to the hand building of pinch, coil and slab, as well as basic techniques to create functional and nonfunctional clay objects. Students will make a few objects to glaze, which will be fired in a kiln and taken home at the end of the course. 

  • Age

    8 to 10

  • Instructor

    Alexis Arrazcaeta, pottery teacherAlexis Arrazcaeta

  • Level

    All Levels

  • Materials Fee:

    Clay and glaze fees are included in the tuition.

  • Tuition

    $100 member / $115 non-member

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Summer II (July 23 - Aug. 27)

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6 weeks
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>Thu., 5-6:30 pm

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