Exhibits & Displays

The Center’s gallery is a living, growing, and  constantly changing, display of creative talent of visual artists – both local and international. Below is a list of what is currently on display, as well as what is coming soon.

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Exhibiting Now

Mark Gonzalez (January thru February)


“Plaza” by Mark Gonzalez

Art from the ♥ (February)

Red Berries by Joose Hadle-620x240

“Red Berries” by Joose Hadle

Special thanks to the artists and community members who donated works for our Art from the Gallery fundraiser. Works will be on display and available for bid in the Main Entrance starting Thursday, February 4 with the official gallery opening on Friday, February 5 at 5 p.m. The silent auction will end on Friday, February 26 at 8 p.m. (Click the photo above to view some of the pieces in the auction.)

Deborah Rodriguez: Balancing Act (February)


By Deborah Rodriguez

Peter Stilton (thru August)

"Islands off Schoodic Head" by Peter Stilton

“Islands off Schoodic Head” by Peter Stilton

Coming Soon

TESA (The Exhibiting Society of Artists): Reflections (March)

"Fishing in the Gulf" by Polly Berlin

“Fishing in the Gulf” by Polly Berlin

L.J. Penn: Florida Outback (March thru April)


By L.J.Penn


More info coming soon.

Tampa Day School (March thru April)

Shyama (April )

More info coming soon.

North Tampa Arts League(May thru June)

More info coming soon.

Francine Bauer (May thru June)

More info coming soon.

Abigail Chase Miller (July thru August)

By Abigail Chase Miller

By Abigail Chase Miller

Ameena Khan (July thru August)

More info coming soon.

Coming in 2017

Anne Bowen (January thru February)

"Artificial Reef" by Anne Bowen

“Artificial Reef” by Anne Bowen

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