Exhibits & Displays

The Center’s gallery is a living, growing, and  constantly changing, display of creative talent of visual artists – both local and international. Below is a list of what is currently on display, as well as what is coming soon.

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 Inspiration (July thru August)


“Arizona Dave” by Kris Gregg / 2015 Inspiration: 1st place 

James Vann: Jazz Neo Cubism (July thru August)

"Birth of the Cool" by James Vann

“Birth of the Cool” by James Vann

Gainor Roberts: Genesis (July thru August)

"Genesis: Orange" by Gainor Roberts

“Genesis: Orange” by Gainor Roberts

Terry Klaaren: National Parks (January thru August 12)

Tetons from Antelope Valley

“Tetons from Antelope Valley” by Terry Klaaren

Stan Abramson: Modern Abstractions (August 12 thru February)

title unknown by Stan Abramson

Title unknown by Stan Abramson

Info about Stan Abramson’s exhibit is coming soon.

Student/Faculty Art Show (September)

More info coming soon.

Hernie Vann (September)

More info coming soon.

Dr. Robert Norman (September thru October)

More info coming soon.

The Exhibiting Artists Society (October)

More info coming soon.

Dalia Condis: Feelings (October thru November)

More info coming soon.

Stuart Dwork (November)

More info coming soon.

Star Spangled Art (November thru December)

"Dresser GI" by Stuart Dwork

“Dresser GI” by Stuart Dwork

Roxanne Tobiason (December thru January)

More info coming soon.

Suncoast Kid’s Place: Expressions of Grief & Hope (December thru January)

More info coming soon.