"Lush" by Evie Zimmer-845x321

Past Shows & Exhibitors

"Lush" by Evie Zimmer
Divided by Parker Beaudoin
by Sheila Motley (featured artist)
"Water Reflections" by Candace Knapp
By Michael Knapp
"#36 Moonlit" by Evie Zimmer
North Tampa Arts League - NTAL - logo
"Moon Magic" by Joose Hadley
The Gallery at Carrollwood Cultural Center - button
"The Father" by Maurice Corredor (The Divine Collective, 2018)

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 Thanks to the following Featured Artists who have shared their talent with us!

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We have a rich history of exhibits and artists that date back to 2008. We started archiving past winners and exhibitors on this webpage in June 2015. If you were a Featured Artist and are not represented below, please contact our curator Nancy Kirkpatrick at nancy@carrollwoodcenter.org to be added to this page. Thank you.

Stan Abramson

Bradley Arthur

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Francine Bauer

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Jack Casey





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Anita Dillmann

Stuart Dwork

John Gurbacs

Joose Hadley

Robert Herbenick

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Ameena Khan

Terry Klaaren

Visit www.klaarenart.com for more information.

Nancy Lauby

Visit www.nlauby.artistwebsites.com for more information.

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Abigail Chase Miller

Visit www.abigailchasemiller.com for more information.

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Gainor Roberts

Visit www.gainor.biz for more information.

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Saatchi Art

Peter Stilton

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Roxanne Tobaison

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Hernie Vann

Sandra Vann

James Vann

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Barbara Moak Willey





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