Featured Artists

Showcasing in April

Les Girls Painting Society (Main Entrance Gallery)

Les Girls is a small group of professional artists who meet twice a month to work together and occasionally show our work together.We have been meeting since 2006 and our association with each other maintains our friendships and it allows us to inspire each other on a regular basis. We keep tabs on what each of us are doing, where we are showing our work, various methods of marketing and selling, and celebrate our achievements and disappointments.

There is a spiritual synergy when working in a group; it is palpable and invigorating, and each of us takes back to our own studios that indefinable essence of creativity that spurs each of us on to try out new avenues of expression, or explore old themes and ideas, share venues, marketing schemes, sources of art supplies, and equipment.

The artists represented in this show are:

Mary Ellen Bitner, Helen Mathyssen-Dobbins, Carole Flagg, Betsy Hartman, Barbara Kazanis, Gainor Roberts, Ellia Sliwiak and Joanmarie Whittinghill