“Allegra” by Bibzi Priori

Allegra-400dpi-web-845x321 by Bibzi Priori

Exhibits & Displays

The Gallery at Carrollwood Cultural Center is a living, growing, and  constantly changing, display of creative talent of visual artists – both local and international. 

We have several galleries throughout the building:

  • Main Theatre for main exhibits
  • Lobby for featured artists
  • Corridor for guest artists and shows 
  • Atrium for larger works
  • Alcoves for sculptures 

Now on Display

"Friend Gator" by Bibzi Priori
2020 Tampa Day School (11)
Artwork by Robyn Crosa (1)
Sara May
Artwork by Dionne Seevers (4)
Mother of Eve (1)

Coming Soon

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Artwork by Hetal KaniniArtwork by Hetal Kanini
Dionne Seevers - Bee - UPDATEDDionne Seevers
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