Exhibits & Displays

The Center’s gallery is a living, growing, and  constantly changing, display of creative talent of visual artists – both local and international. Below is a list of what is currently on display, as well as what is coming soon.

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"The Father" by Maurice Corredor (The Divine Collective, 2018)

The Divine Collective

"Moon Magic" by Joose Hadley

Joose Hadley

by Sheila Motley (featured artist)

Sheila Motley


Tampa Day School

"Water Reflections" by Candace Knapp

Candace Knapp

"#36 Moonlit" by Evie Zimmer

Evie Zimmer

"#36 Moonlit" by Evie Zimmer

Candace Knapp

My father was a toy designer and I was encouraged to indulge…
"#36 Moonlit" by Evie Zimmer

Paul Glass

Statement of Work My art work represents a lifetime…