Expanded Gesture: Sculptures by Jack Casey

Gallery Opening & Reception: Friday, November 4 • 5-8 pm

The artist makes a splash with his giant abstract brush stroke sculptures as Featured Artist at the Carrollwood Cultural Center November and December.

Jack Casey has made the brushstroke itself the subject of these fresh wall sculptures. He loves the act of painting so much that he has expanded the gesture on low relief panels that are mounted away from the wall enough to let the glory of the neon color on the back to reflect a halo around the stroke itself.  His love of painting inspired these vibrant expressions. Jack will also have several oil paintings on display of homes and parks in Tampa with slim glowing silhouettes reminiscent of Edward Hopper. READ MORE

Artist Statement

I was born in Norfolk, Va., 1947.  Raised in Tampa.  Attended the University of Tampa and the University of South Florida.

From 1978 to 86 my vocations was the restoration of architecture such as he Tampa Theater an the Snell Arcade in St.Petersburg, Florida

After 1984 I began the restoration of oil paintings, teaching oil painting and eventually painting them for my own pleasure.

The non-objective sculptures came about in 1986. These sculptures are in public art collections such as The University of South Florida, St.Petersburg Campus, the All People’s Life Center, Temple Terrace, Florida the Alachua County Health Department as well as private collections.

I have worked at a variety of art related jobs: layout artist at Maas Brothers, graphic artist at WTVT, muralist, hand colorist at the Graphicstudio for Nancy Graves and assistant and conservator for James Rosenquist.