(Postponed) RENT: A Tribute Concert (Virtual Event)


RENT: In Concert

We’re still working on creating something for you! COVID-19 has put us behind schedule, but we’re almost done. Look for a new release date soon! (PS: If you already purchased a “ticket” for this event, you will be contacted with the new date.)

What do you get when you combine the popular musical RENT with a concert-style atmosphere? RENT: A Tribute Concert!

Some of MAS Theatre’s most talented performers will perform a video tribute to RENT and we are going to bring it directly to you. The pre-recorded concert will feature all of the familiar songs from this iconic Tony award-winning rock musical by Jonathan Larson.

There are 525,600 minutes in a year. Spend 80 of them with us. (Video link details coming soon.)


(This performance is for mature audiences.)

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