Dungeons & Dragons Club


The Carrollwood Cultural Center will start a Dungeons & Dragons club for teens, ages 14 to 17, in January 2019. 

Interested teens, including beginners, are invited to drop in for a game. The cost to participate is $4 per person per game. The Center’s goal is to schedule the club to meet once or twice a week. A final schedule will be published in January. The group will be led by brothers Matthew and Jamie Jones.

The club is in response to a theatre roll-playing class that the Center offered in 2018.  The instructor, Matthew Jones, used the popular game to teach students about character development and storytelling. At the conclusion of the class, Jones and his students continued to meet at the Center and a club started to form.  After meeting three times in late 2018, they are looking to expand by inviting other teens to join the group.

For more information, email Katie Castonguay at katie@carrollwoodcenter.or. 

Theatre Class and Improv Games with Dice

2019 Schedule (Times at TBD)

  • January 18 / 6-9 pm
  • January 26 / 6-9 pm
  • February 2 / 6-9 pm
  • February 9 / 6-9 pm
  • February 15 / 6-9 pm
  • March 15 / 6-9 pm
  • March 22 / 6-9 pm