Private Lessons (Music)

The Center provides opportunities for students to study one-on-one with our highly qualified faculty and community artists through our Private Lesson Program.

This program will provide opportunities for individual arts instruction in the following areas:

  • Piano
  • Guitar

Please email Beth LaBaren-Root at for information on private lessons or coaching in other areas.

The Private Music Lesson Program at the Carrollwood Cultural Center provides opportunities for beginning and experienced students to study and develop their musical talents with highly qualified professionals in a safe, artistic environment.  Students have opportunities  to  perform at special events and recitals throughout the year.  All lessons are held in the main building of the Carrollwood Cultural Center.

Our Instructors

Presently, we offer private music instruction in piano and guitar.  Our faculty members are highly qualified and experienced musicians. CLICK HERE to view their photos and credentials.

Getting Started

Private lessons will begin the week of September 12.

To register, contact Education Director at (813) 922-8167 or email If emailing, please include what time and days you are available and a contact number, as our follow-up will likely be by phone.

You may request a specific teacher, or you will be matched with an instructor who will contact you to get acquainted, discuss goals for learning and schedule an initial interview.  Students with previous experience will be assessed and an instructional plan will be determined. Beginners will use this time to meet the instructor, ask questions, register and schedule a lesson time slot.

Registration involves completion of an enrollment form, payment of registration fee and tuition.

Enrollment & Tuition

Each student will be scheduled one, 30-minute lesson each week for 6 week session.  Tuition must be paid in full one week before the start of the upcoming session to secure your time slot.  Payment may be made by check, Visa, Mastercard or Discover.   Tuition is $180 per 6 week session payable in the main office by check or credit card.

The regular “school year” extends from September 12 – May 27 and is comprised of five 6-week sessions, with a one-week break in between and holiday breaks.

Summer lessons may be scheduled with your instructor during June, July and August at a rate of $30 per half hour lesson.  Vacation time, summer camps, etc..can be worked out and scheduled around with your instructor.


Lessons are scheduled on a 6-week basis with a reserved time slot for the student.  Make-ups for missed classes and cancellations are not guaranteed and at the discretion of the instructor.  If the teacher cancels a lesson, they are required to provide a make-up for the student at no additional charge at a mutually agreed upon time slot during the “break” week between sessions.    As courtesy, please contact your teacher as soon as possible if you know you are unable to attend your lesson.


If the student is late, the lesson will still end at the regularly scheduled time.  When a student is running late, our instructors are required to wait until at least half of the lesson time. After that point, the student is considered absent.  No make-up or credit given.   If the teacher is late, it is expected that the student will wait at least ten minutes into the lesson before leaving.  In that event, the student will notify the office and full credit will be given for the lesson.


No lessons will be held on Memorial Day, Labor Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving Weekend, and Holiday Break from December 23, 2016  – January 8, 2017.  Lessons continue during spring break due as scheduled due to the varying district and private school schedules.

Emergency Closings/Inclement Weather

The decision to close the Center is based on many factors such as power outage, safety concerns, the National Weather Service and state advisories.  All reasonable attempts will be made to contact students in advance.  In this type of situation, a make-up or credit will be given for the missed class.


For efficient and timely communication we request that parents/students provide up to date contact information including email, home phone, cell phone, and address.


Musical skill and progress requires effort over a period of time.  We recommend the following to help you learn and grow:

  • Practice in a quiet space.
  • Have a set, daily time for practice.
  • Use a quality instrument in good working order.
  • Play often for family and friends.
  • Play a variety of music.
  • Talk to your teacher about your lessons and ask questions if you have them.