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February 4, 2014 (Tampa, FL) – The Carrollwood Cultural Center, located at 4537 Lowell Road in Tampa, is hiring teachers and camp instructors. The arts-based nonprofit organization currently offers approximately 60 classes during any given time, ranging from art to Zumba®, and would like to double that number by the end of the year.

The Center is equipped with studio space for art (painting, drawing, etc.), ceramics, computer-based programs, dance, piano and theatre, in addition to several multi-purpose rooms for other classroom-orientated courses like foreign language and creative writing.

Each year, the Center introduces new classes contingent upon who is available to teach. Several classes have been part of the curriculum since 2008.

“We want to build our faculty so we can offer more options to our students,” said education outreach director Helen Michaelson. “Several of our classes consistently sell out, so to be able to increase the days and times a class is offered will provide a wonderful service to the public. In addition, we are always getting requests from the public to grow our curriculum. ”

Students submit requests for anything from acrylic painting to Spanish. Dance, piano, watercolor painting and drawing are also popular.

“Often, an instructor will approach us with a subject they are qualified to teach,” said Michaleson. “Sometimes we will try the class and come to find people really gravitate toward it. Several of our more popular classes started that way.”

While the majority of the classes currently offered target adults, the Center has a need to increase the number of classes offered to toddlers, elementary school children, tweens and teenagers.

“We have some classes for children, but we can certainly offer more,” Michaelson said. “We need instructors who are available in the evenings and Saturdays and know how to work with children.”

In addition, the Center is also searching to qualified instructors to help with the Summer Camp program. The camp program, much like the classes, is also arts-based with an educational component. Camp will run for nine weeks starting June 9 and concluding August 15; however, individual instructors are not required to be available for the entire summer. (The Center will not offer camp June 30 through July 4.)

Michaelson is looking for people who are experts in their particular subject with a proven ability to instruct. Interested camp instructors should apply by February 28 to be considered. Interested teachers who want to teach throughout the year can apply any time.

For more information, please call Helen Michaelson at (813) 269-1310 or email a cover letter and resume to