2019 Scrapbook

Pottery by zsuzsannasolti at pixabay

Wheel Throwing for Teens (11-13) w. Alexis Arrazcaeta

Teens will learn the basics of wheel throwing by forming and throwing simple shapes on the potter’s wheel.

Pencils - three green erasers one red

Fiction: Form & Technique (Advanced) w. John Slayton

An advanced class with author John Slayton that aims to provide students with a working knowledge of the critical aspects of writing fiction.

Image by Alemko Coksa from Pixabay

Just Dance: Tween Edition (11-13) w. Aaron Washington

A fun, high-energy dance class – perfect for homeschooled and distance-learning tweens.

Adult Ballet Level I w. Brad McCaskill

Students will learn the basics of ballet and work to improve balance and strength.

ballet-feet-2037857_1920 Image by Jabore from Pixabay

Adult Ballet Level II w. Brad McCaskill

A biweekly class that focuses on ballet technique for intermediate and advanced dancers. 

Theatre Masks

Theatre Basics w. Aaron Washington

A fundamentals class that covers important industry terminology and theatre basics.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay business-2998905_1920

Acting Skills for the Working Professional w. Aaron Washington

Students will study scenes from plays with characters that represent occupations and situations of the working professional to develop their acting skills.

2017 Camp Scrapbook

Thanks to our campers, their families, our instructors, volunteers and sponsors for making our 2017 Summer Camp programs great!

Week I: “Pirates Paradise” / June 5-9



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Week 2: “Legends & Fairy Tales” / June 12-16



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Week 3: “Wild West Adventures” / June 19-23



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Week 4: ” Space Travelers & Aliens” / June 26-30



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Week 5: “Under the Sea” / July 10-14



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Week 6: “Superheroes” / July 17-21



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Week 7: “Knights & Princesses” / July 24-28



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Week 8: “Wonders of the World” / July 31-August 4



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Week 9: “Artsplorations” / August 7-11



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