Train station, Ahmadabad, India 1999

Billy Joe Hoyle

Train station, Ahmadabad, India 1999

Train station, Ahmadabad, India 1999

“From Asia to North America”

From Asia to North America is a comprehensive look at the human condition through the eyes of photographer Billy Joe Hoyle. This exhibition includes a collection of work covering two decades and seven countries. Often described as a story teller, Hoyle’s work is reminiscent of the post-war Humanist School of street photographers. 

Expanded Gesture: Sculptures by Jack Casey

Gallery Opening & Reception: Friday, November 4 • 5-8 pm

The artist makes a splash with his giant abstract brush stroke sculptures as Featured Artist at the Carrollwood Cultural Center November and December.

Jack Casey has made the brushstroke itself the subject of these fresh wall sculptures. He loves the act of painting so much that he has expanded the gesture on low relief panels that are mounted away from the wall enough to let the glory of the neon color on the back to reflect a halo around the stroke itself.  His love of painting inspired these vibrant expressions. Jack will also have several oil paintings on display of homes and parks in Tampa with slim glowing silhouettes reminiscent of Edward Hopper. READ MORE

Artist Statement

I was born in Norfolk, Va., 1947.  Raised in Tampa.  Attended the University of Tampa and the University of South Florida.

From 1978 to 86 my vocations was the restoration of architecture such as he Tampa Theater an the Snell Arcade in St.Petersburg, Florida

After 1984 I began the restoration of oil paintings, teaching oil painting and eventually painting them for my own pleasure.

The non-objective sculptures came about in 1986. These sculptures are in public art collections such as The University of South Florida, St.Petersburg Campus, the All People’s Life Center, Temple Terrace, Florida the Alachua County Health Department as well as private collections.

I have worked at a variety of art related jobs: layout artist at Maas Brothers, graphic artist at WTVT, muralist, hand colorist at the Graphicstudio for Nancy Graves and assistant and conservator for James Rosenquist.

"True Nature" by Bradley Arthur

Bradley Arthur

p1130648Bradley Arthur is the perfect artist to respond to our artists’ call to Illuminations: Truth and Iconology show because he has been inspired by words, and he has something to say.  His work speaks to that which lies beneath the surface of our conscience using a few words, simple materials and light. His earliest work reflects the beginning of his longstanding use of already existing materials as his primary medium. This preference is fueled by his respect of the inherent processes of nature Transforming and re-contextualizing, whether its information, language or material objects.

He has worked with master artists in apprenticeships with metal, bronze and marble sculptors in France, Italy and New York City.  After he attended the Lacoste School of the Arts (1978) in Provence, France, Arthur apprenticed for the Japanese Master stone carver Yasuo Mizui in Paris and Nancy, France. In January 1978, Arthur had his first NYC exhibition.  In the late 70’s and early 80’s he worked in the stone and bronze studios of Pietrasanta, Italy. He maintained a studio in a historical landmark building in Tribeca in lower Manhattan from 1978-1997. His award winning artwork has been exhibited in over adozen solo shows and more than 150 group exhibitions, including at the Grand Palais in Paris and  numerous exhibitions in New York City at Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center, Phillips de Pury & Company in Chelsea and Ronald Feldman Fine Arts in Soho.  His 2001 Public Art commission from Hillsborough County “Components of Public Safety” was made from recycled the guns and weapons collected from a multi-county gun buyback program to produce two original multi- ton sculptures. The larger work titled “COPS I” is sited in front of the Sheriff’s Operations Center in Ybor City. The other sculpture he dedicated to those who’ve lost loved ones during public service “COPS  II” and  is located on Gunn Highway in Citrus Park. He designed and created the Kol Ami Star Memorial and meditation garden sited in front of Congregation Kol Ami  in Tampa.  Arthur’s sculptures are in private and public collections here and abroad. His early large works are listed in the Smithsonian Institution’s inventory of American Painting and Sculpture.  A number of his smaller sculptures including his texted-based works were purchased by the renowned collector Richard Brown Baker, and are now part of the collection of Yale University Art Gallery in New Haven, Connecticut.

By Abigail Chase Miller

Abigail Chase Miller


By Abigail Chase Miller

Artist Statement

My goal with creating my artwork is to create an exciting, happy, colorful and effortless viewing experience.  After attending art school in Manhattan during high school at The National Academy of Design and continuing on to Parsons School of Design for my Associates Degree and finishing up at Massachusetts College of Art with my Bachelors Degree in Art Education, I took many drawing and painting classes.  Having grown up in Manhattan ¾ of a block from The Metropolitan Museum, I spent endless hours staring at works by masters.  I would attend several museums every week.  My goal as a professional painter over the past 25 years has been to create my own style where the viewer sees that I have mastered my acrylic medium as well as my understanding of balance of color and composition.

By Abigail Chase Miller

By Abigail Chase Miller

I have gone through several phases already.  Having lived in Florida for 18 years I have gained an appreciation of the bright sun and beautiful colors of the the Florida landscape.  I have explored a tree phase, an abstract phase, an aquatic phase and lately I have been enjoying a photorealism phase.  I still easily go in and out of all the phases.  Some people say I seem like many artists in one.  In reality painting is my joy and my job.  I like to keep things fun and interesting for myself by changing up my subject matter.

I find great joy in doing custom paintings for my clients.  Lately I have been creating portraits of animals with images in the portraits that are significant to my client.  Not only do these portraits have aesthetic beauty but also sentimental value.  My goal is to bring my client tears of joy and awe when I am finally ready to unveil the finished painting.

I have enjoyed being featured in The Best of Tampa Bay Magazine in May/June 2012.  I have also had the pleasure of co-creating car paintings for the Reeves BMW showroom in Tampa, Florida.  My lists of clients in the Tampa Bay area have been extensive over 18 years of living and working here.

My newest opportunity is to exhibit at the Carrollwood Cultural Center in July/August of 2016. By attending my exhibition, you will have the opportunity to explore the different phases I have embarked on over the years.  I hope you will enjoy viewing my paintings as much as I have had creating them.

 – Abigail Chase Miller


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Public invited to enjoy student’s art (Kenneth Hall • The Tampa Tribune – 4/27/16) “In the arts gallery showing we will have ceramics, acrylic painting and a variety of mediums of children’s works,” said Beth LaBaren-Root, education director for the center. “The performing arts showcase will feature piano, guitar and violin recitals given by our private-lesson students, who range in age from 6 to 15.” (READ MORE)

Jazz festival coming to Carrollwood Cultural Center (Kate Giles • The Tampa Tribune – 4/20-16)  Jim Burge has been a jazz aficionado since he was in grade school in the 1950s. He plays all of the woodwind instruments, has played at shows in Las Vegas and on Broadway and has been a part of the Jazz Cellar Underground Orchestra jazz band since the early 1990s. On top of all of this, he served as the assistant band director at Hillsborough Community College from the program’s inception in 1976 until his retirement from academia. (READ MORE)

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Chapters of art are the focal points of show at Cultural Center (Amy Jo Guenther • The Tampa Tribune – 4/22/15) Joan L. Garcia, whose collection, “Always a Story,” opened April 10 at the Carrollwood Cultural Center, made that her collection’s focal point. The exhibit is broken up in to chapters that are a tribute to Garcia’s journey as an artist and a person, organized chronologically. Most pieces have an explanation of what the story is behind it. (READ MORE)

Radiant Fruit now open at the Carrollwood Cultural Center (Northwest News staff report • The Tampa Tribune – 4/22/15) Florida is the citrus state. The state was grown by the fruit industry. Citrus has always been a key element of Florida’s economy, so what better way to celebrate that than with an art exhibit dedicated to fruit? Radiant Fruit is currently displayed at the Carrollwood Cultural Center. Local artists supplied their own work to go with the theme, and a beautiful display was born. (READ MORE)

The Tampa Kids Market Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs to Explore Business and Commerce (Kim Thomas • Carrollwood Area Neighborhood News & Lifestyles – April 2015) The Tampa Kids Market gives kids ages 8–17 the opportunity to learn commerce in an open market setting. (READ MORE)

50-acre park a dream come true for Carrollwood Village (Mike Salinero • The Tampa Tribune – 3/23/15)  For years, Carrollwood Village residents told their civic leaders they’d like a park where their dogs could run and play with other dogs. (READ MORE)

New education director takes the reins at CCC  (Jeff Berlinicke • Carrollwood News – 3/18/15)  It isn’t often that a dance instructor compares dance to a skill set similar to former NBA great Michael Jordan’s. However, Beth LaBaren-Root takes her craft seriously. She is the new education director at the Carrollwood Cultural Center. She’s been at the center for three weeks now and is already making changes. (READ MORE)

With his art, he gives back to Tampa Bay (Jeff Berlinicke • Carrollwood News – 2/11/15) For Mark Gonzalez, traditional art simply wasn’t enough. He’ll be displaying more than 110 works of art at the Carrollwood Cultural Center throughout February, but it’s art with a feeling, a passion, that only he can explain. (READ MORE)

New curator takes the helm at Carrollwood Cultural Center (Jeff Berlinicke • The Tampa Tribune – 2/4/15) Nancy Kirkpatrick has a simple philosophy when it comes to her new job as the art curator at the Carrollwood Cultural Center.  “Wouldn’t it be fun?” she said with a smile that lit up the lobby of the center. “That’s what it’s about.” (READ MORE)

Cultural Center raising funds for lighting upgrades (Jeff Berlinicke • The Tampa Tribune – 1/8/15) The holiday season might be past but the Carrollwood Cultural Center still hopes to celebrate. The center is hoping for community support for several projects that allow community members the chance to give back. The Friends of the Carrollwood Cultural Center are hosting a campaign to “Turn on the Lights.” (READ MORE)

Artist may slow down, but doesn’t plan on stopping (Jeff Berlinicke • The Tampa Tribune – 1/8/14) Gainor Roberts will be gone — kind of — but never forgotten. She retired as the art curator for the Carrollwood Cultural Center last month, but she’s still got plenty going on. She’ll be teaching classes in her spare time and doesn’t plan to be a stranger from her old stomping grounds. (READ MORE)

Longtime fixtures retiring from Carrollwood Cultural Center (Jeff Berlinicke • The Tampa Tribune – 12/31/14)  If you listen to her, Helen Michaelson says she is retiring from the Carrollwood Cultural Center. But don’t believe it for a minute. Michaelson is the Educational Outreach Director of the center and she kept a busy schedule during her stint there. After all, she was there eight years ago, long before the center even opened. One of her first jobs was to put up the curtains. (READ MORE)

“War of the Worlds’ to be restaged (Jeff Berlinicke • The Tampa Tribune – 10/29/14)  It was an unintentional hoax, but some folks in New Jersey didn’t believe it at the time. With major problems brewing overseas that led to World War II, America didn’t know what to think when it turned on the radio on Halloween night that year and heard Orson Welles announce to a stunned and spooked audience that Martians had landed in New Jersey and had bad intentions. (READ MORE)

Steven Lolli’s irreverent comedy searches for the stupid (Jeff Berlinicke • The Tampa Tribune – 8/29/14) Steven Lolli isn’t writing for the mainstream. He is a comedian who is “writing for people who want to knock their bosses’ teeth out.”  The main thing is, he said, he loves looking for stupidity, and nothing is free from abuse once he gets on a roll. (READ MORE)

Carrollwood Cultural Center summer camps offer opportunities (Jeff Berlinicke • The Tampa Tribune – 4/29/14) A lot of children might want to shy away from activities that are considered “cultural,” especially when it’s summer. But at the Carrollwood Cultural Center, there’s plenty to do and there’s no lack of kids enjoying it. (READ MORE)

Center spreads wings with exhibit (Karen Ring • Tampa Bay Times – 2/4/14) The gallery at the Carrollwood Cultural Center is currently hosting its first traveling exhibit. “The Test,” which is on display through March 1, chronicles the experiences of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first African-American aviators to serve in the U.S. military. (READ MORE)

Variety of classes offered at Carrollwood Cultural Center (Jeff Berlinicke • The Tampa Tribune – 1/28/14) The Carrollwood Cultural Center is offering plenty of new programs to its already packed schedule, but Educational Outreach Director Helen Michaelson said the word needs to get out. (READ MORE)

Director scrambles for main actor in ‘Over the River’ in Carrollwood (Jeff Berlinicke • The Tampa Tribune – 9/17/13) It was about a month until show time and Dee Ford was in a panic. (READ MORE)

Production of ‘Annie’ is curtain call for summer at Carrollwood Cultural Center (Jeff Berlinicke • The Tampa Tribune – 8/14/13) Chad DeLoach doesn’t normally get much of a summer break. After all, he spends his summers working at the Carrollwood Cultural Center producing plays, then heads back to work as the choral director at Martinez Middle School on Lutz-Lake Fern Road the day after the final performance. (READ MORE)

Carrollwood center presents ‘Funny Thing Happened on Way to Forum (Jeff Berlinicke • The Tampa Tribune – 7/17/13) It takes a lot more than comedy, drama, music, acting and a few unforced errors to put together a great Broadway show. (READ MORE)

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Carrollwood Cultural Center seeks local Tuskegee Airmen help for new exhibit (Carrollwood News staff • The Tampa Tribune – 6/26/13) The Gallery at Carrollwood Cultural Center is preparing “The Test,” a multimedia exhibition about the first African-American aviators in U.S. military combat, better known as the Tuskegee Airmen. (READ MORE)

Open air market debuts at new Carrollwood location (Paul Catala • The Tampa Tribune – 5/13/13) Vendors from a Westchase open air market that moved to Carrollwood this weekend likely found the location to be just as electric, but much less shocking. (READ MORE)

Janis Ian concert sold out ( submitted by Susan Wilson • 10News – 4/16/13) Three-time GRAMMY Award Winner, Janis Ian will perform to a sold out audience at the Carrollwood Cultural Center on Thursday, May 2 at 8pm. (READ MORE)

Carrollwood Cultural Center curator a lifelong artist (Jeff Berlinicke • The Tampa Tribune – 4/10/13) Gainor Roberts was a senior in high school with big dreams of becoming an artist. (READ MORE)

Foreign Language Classes At Cultural Center (Nicole Hutcheson • Carrollwood-Northdale – 4/2/13) This summer, lovers of language will be able to gain new knowledge at the Carrollwood Cultural Center. (READ MORE)

Tampa teen impresses opera world, to sing in Carrollwood (Jeff Berlinicke • The Tampa Tribune – 3/21/13) Most kids wouldn’t have survived. But with a lot of love and encouragement, she evolved from a child who was terrified of almost everything into a young lady with a special gift who has been mesmerizing people all over the Tampa Bay area. (READ MORE)

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Blast from the Past Highlights Coming Events (The Sun – 1/2/13) If you came of age in the early 1960’s and you were into the folk-rock music style, you should put on your white Levis and your madras shirt – if they still fit – break out your old six-string guitar and head for the Carrollwood Cultural Center Jan. 6 at 7:30 p.m., where the New Christy Minstrels will be performing for your “blast of the past” pleasure. (READ MORE)

The Carrollwood Cultural Center Looks Ahead to Busy Season (George Wilkens • The Tampa Tribune – 12/26/12) The calendar year ends in a few days, but January marks the beginning of the Carrollwood Cultural Center’s winter season, with a variety of performances, events, classes and camps planned. (READ MORE)

Folk & Blues

Rebekah Pulley & The Reluctant Prophets