Classes scheduled in the Summer II session.

2016 Adult Dance Class

Ballet for Joy & Vitality w. Devan Bittinger

A ballet class for mature adults with little or no past experience. Students will focus on alignment, balance, coordination, simple steps, and combinations with joy and vitality.

Adult Ballet Level I w. Brad McCaskill

Students will learn the basics of ballet and work to improve balance and strength.

2017 Adult Jazz dance class

Adult Jazz/Tap Combo w. Devan Bittinger

This class will focus on the rhythm and coordination of jazz as well as the steps and sound of tap basics.

2019 By Charlie age 11 - student of Alexis (3)

Hand Building for Kids (8-10) with Alexis Arrazcaeta

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Screen to Stage, Stage to Screen with Aaron Washington