By Francine Bauer

Francine Bauer

unnamed by Francine Bauer

unnamed by Francine Bauer

Artist Statement

Our lives are made up of serendipity and twists of fate; a series of choices we make and choices made for us by others; and finding and being found. For me, these paths have converged to define me as the person and the artist I am today.

My art is inspired by life’s moments along these paths. Living and traveling through England, Scotland, and Ireland. Musical concepts. Literary works. Everyday objects. Photography. Complex and rewarding relationships. Colour, lines, contrast, form and movement.

I didn’t set out to be a specific type of artist, but as my portfolio evolved so did my exploration of colour and art mediums. I began to notice patterns I hadn’t intended but am now pleased with. My unique colour palate combined with both traditional and non-traditional methodologies result in abstract, intuitive art where colour and line playfully interact. This allows me to explore colour and its saturation for colour’s sake. My current preferred mediums are oils and encaustic.

Francine J Bauer currently lives and works in Tampa, Florida.