Alexis Stix Brown with mural I Feel Safe--150x150

“I Feel Safe” New Public Artwork

The Carrollwood Cultural Center has new public artwork. The piece, an outdoor mural titled “I Feel Safe” by artist Alexis “Stix” Brown, is on display

Sweetie's BBQ Food Truck - square

Food Truck “Stops”

Unlike a typical food truck rally that draws a large crowd, the Center’s food truck stops will host one truck at a time to help ensure smaller gatherings and proper social distancing. 

New “Classics on Film” Series

MAS Theatre is looking for ways to deliver classic theatrical productions to our patrons at home. Enter our new Classics on Film series.

Upstairs Downstairs at the Tampa Bay Hotel w. Otis Freedman

Upstairs/Downstairs at the Tampa Bay Hotel w. Otis Freedman (new video)

Step back in time with a single-character performance that brings turn-of-the-century Tampa Bay Hotel staff members and guests to life.