Paul Glass

Statement of Work

My art work represents a lifetime of attempting to bring art and science together. Over the last 40 years I have worked for Colleges of Medicine, museum conservation departments, private research study groups and a multitude of other unique organizations. Working in these intriguing worlds has given me the chance to see and participate in cutting edge science and technology.

My work centers around photomicroscopy; the investigation of the microscopic world with a camera. My primary assignment over these many years has been the documentation of medical research projects to provide micrographic proof and support for primary investigators and other faculty of their research. This allows research medical journals to provide peer reviewed support and approval thus allowing scientists to internationally publish their findings and seek more research funding.

The art I’m presenting is a conglomerate of all these thing I do in my day job but with a twist. Many years ago I discovered my microscopes were a chance to look at non-biological materials as well. I began to experiment with paints, dyes, inks and stains by controlled design at the microscopic level. These initial experiments were so interesting I decided to buy my own microscopes and lab equipment to explore these new planetary landscapes. Along the way I brought in electron microscopy, radiology, cat scans, MRI and many other imaging methods. The real fun is getting to play with these very expensive toys after everyone else goes home.

 – Paul Glass