Expanded Gesture: Sculptures by Jack Casey

Gallery Opening & Reception: Friday, November 4 • 5-8 pm

The artist makes a splash with his giant abstract brush stroke sculptures as Featured Artist at the Carrollwood Cultural Center November and December.

Jack Casey has made the brushstroke itself the subject of these fresh wall sculptures. He loves the act of painting so much that he has expanded the gesture on low relief panels that are mounted away from the wall enough to let the glory of the neon color on the back to reflect a halo around the stroke itself.  His love of painting inspired these vibrant expressions. Jack will also have several oil paintings on display of homes and parks in Tampa with slim glowing silhouettes reminiscent of Edward Hopper. READ MORE

Artist Statement

I was born in Norfolk, Va., 1947.  Raised in Tampa.  Attended the University of Tampa and the University of South Florida.

From 1978 to 86 my vocations was the restoration of architecture such as he Tampa Theater an the Snell Arcade in St.Petersburg, Florida

After 1984 I began the restoration of oil paintings, teaching oil painting and eventually painting them for my own pleasure.

The non-objective sculptures came about in 1986. These sculptures are in public art collections such as The University of South Florida, St.Petersburg Campus, the All People’s Life Center, Temple Terrace, Florida the Alachua County Health Department as well as private collections.

I have worked at a variety of art related jobs: layout artist at Maas Brothers, graphic artist at WTVT, muralist, hand colorist at the Graphicstudio for Nancy Graves and assistant and conservator for James Rosenquist.


“Color, Light, and Motion” by Vanessa Montenegro

Artist Statement

My latest collection of vibrant pastel drawings is called “Color, Light, and Motion.” It is an explosion of artistic movement and vibrant color.  Like a late afternoon Florida sky bursting with ever changing colors, shapes, life, and emotion.  Sometimes awe, sometimes joy, sometimes pure drama.

I love to capture color, light and the moment. I am inspired by Florida’s beauty, animals, nature, people and sports. The titles of my artwork are as important as the pieces themselves since they tell part of the story. The main characteristic of my work is the bold colors and energetic movement.

I create my pieces as a sketch using soft pastels. The soft pastels allow me to work fast. The bold strokes, the moving lines and vibrant colors on top of color paper or board make my artwork come alive and adds to the flow of motion and energy. The color of the paper outlines the bold colors, creating a resting area for the viewer’s eye.

My philosophy as an artist is always to have fun while doing art and to spread my passion and enthusiasm for art to others.

– Vanessa Montenegro

About Vanessa

I studied fine arts at Miami Dade Community College, The New World School of the Arts and Florida International University, specializing in energetic, colorful drawings, the figure form, and realistic paintings. I have always worked in a variety of mediums and produced paintings and drawings of different scales. I moved to Tampa more than a decade ago, and since then I have been involved in the art community in Tampa. I am one of the two founders of the  Westchase Artists Society, and I was part of the Art Advisory Committee of Hillsborough County for three years. I am also a member of the Coalition of Hispanic Artists and Miniature Art Society of Florida. Currently, I work as a full-time artist, creating my artwork, working on art commissions, and teaching art at my art studio. I participate in several art shows a year, and you can find some of my work on the web, galleries and public art project around Florida. For more information, visit my website www.vanessamontenegro.com

Visionaries: Artists Building Strong Communities

Visionaries is an exhibit that showcases programs that build creativity and vitality in Tampa through the arts. The exhibit will highlight arts organizations and participant’s art that shows that creativity is the catalyst for positive change within communities.

Official Gallery Opening: Friday, November 4 (5-8 pm)

Participating organizations:

  • Artistas Café – Artistic development and exhibition for artists with autism
  • Community Stepping Stones – Urban  studio for young artists
  • Florida Suncoast Decorative Artists – Painting on surfaces to encourage hospital patients
  • Hispanic Coalition of Artists – Artistic and cultural development and exhibition for Hispanic Americans
  • Idlewild  Baptist Church – Developing artistic skills in people living with disabilities
  • Mary Bradley – Therapeutic programs for seniors
  • Suncoast Kid’s Place – Therapeutic program for grieving children
  • VSA – Art experiences for people living with disabilities

(Featured Art: “Vision Dancer” by Mark Gonzalez)