The Grand Tampa Bay Hotel – University of Tampa by Roxanne Tobaison

The Grand Tampa Bay Hotel – University of Tampa by Roxanne Tobaison

History of Art from the ♥

Art from the ♥  is an initiative started by Tampa artist Mark Gonzalez. In 2015, Mark donated works to 17 local non-profit organizations. Many of the pieces were auctioned, raising more than $22K for local charities.

Art from the ♥ and the The Gallery

The Gallery is excited to welcome back Mark Gonzalez and his program. Gonzalez will donate more pieces this month to various Tampa Bay charities. READ MORE

In conjunction with Gonzalez, the Gallery at Carrollwood Cultural Center invited local artists and art collectors to donate pieces to be auctioned in an effort to raise funds for the Gallery. The Main Entrance at the Center features a collection of artwork donated by artists to benefit the Gallery of the Carrollwood Cultural Center.

Special thanks to the artists and community members who donated works for our Art from the ♥ Gallery fundraiser. Please view some of the pieces below.

Art from the ♥ Receptions & Auction Dates

Silent Auction Opens: Friday, February 5, 5 pm

Art from the Gallery Opening: Friday, February 5, 5-8 pm

Art 2 ChangeCharity Appreciation Night: Thursday, February 18, 5-8 pm (featuring vocal sensations  Primary Colors)

Silent Auction Ends: Friday, February 26, 8 pm

Special thanks to the following participating artists: Robin J. Fick, Carole Flagg, Joan Garcia, James Geigan, Mark Gonzalez, Joose Hadley, Debbie Hofer, Annette Keys, Nancy Kirkpatrick, Nancy Kirkpatrick Sr., Paul Kreuzinger, Nancy Lauby, William Lauby, Gainor Roberts, Ellia Sliwiak, Peter Stilton, Roxanne Tobaison, and Sylvie Wittman.

By Abigail Chase Miller

Abigail Chase Miller


By Abigail Chase Miller

Artist Statement

My goal with creating my artwork is to create an exciting, happy, colorful and effortless viewing experience.  After attending art school in Manhattan during high school at The National Academy of Design and continuing on to Parsons School of Design for my Associates Degree and finishing up at Massachusetts College of Art with my Bachelors Degree in Art Education, I took many drawing and painting classes.  Having grown up in Manhattan ¾ of a block from The Metropolitan Museum, I spent endless hours staring at works by masters.  I would attend several museums every week.  My goal as a professional painter over the past 25 years has been to create my own style where the viewer sees that I have mastered my acrylic medium as well as my understanding of balance of color and composition.

By Abigail Chase Miller

By Abigail Chase Miller

I have gone through several phases already.  Having lived in Florida for 18 years I have gained an appreciation of the bright sun and beautiful colors of the the Florida landscape.  I have explored a tree phase, an abstract phase, an aquatic phase and lately I have been enjoying a photorealism phase.  I still easily go in and out of all the phases.  Some people say I seem like many artists in one.  In reality painting is my joy and my job.  I like to keep things fun and interesting for myself by changing up my subject matter.

I find great joy in doing custom paintings for my clients.  Lately I have been creating portraits of animals with images in the portraits that are significant to my client.  Not only do these portraits have aesthetic beauty but also sentimental value.  My goal is to bring my client tears of joy and awe when I am finally ready to unveil the finished painting.

I have enjoyed being featured in The Best of Tampa Bay Magazine in May/June 2012.  I have also had the pleasure of co-creating car paintings for the Reeves BMW showroom in Tampa, Florida.  My lists of clients in the Tampa Bay area have been extensive over 18 years of living and working here.

My newest opportunity is to exhibit at the Carrollwood Cultural Center in July/August of 2016. By attending my exhibition, you will have the opportunity to explore the different phases I have embarked on over the years.  I hope you will enjoy viewing my paintings as much as I have had creating them.

 – Abigail Chase Miller