Sunflowers and Oranges by Gainor Roberts

Gainor Roberts

"Dresser GI" by Stuart Dwork

Star Spangled Art

November thru December

Reception: Saturday, November 14 • 4-7 pm

Star Spangled Art is a show featuring works by active duty or former members of the U.S. Armed Forces. Awards will be presented for first, second and third place, as well as two honorable mentions. This exhibit is sponsored by Operation Helping Hand and Military Officers Association of America, Tampa Chapter (MOAA). Local authors J.M. Taylor (Lost Key, Desert Winds, Gulf Winds, Missing Sticks, One Stick and a Waco) and Sally Ling (Who Killed Leno and Louise) will present.

2015Star Spangled Art 5x7 Ad

Terry Klaaren: National Parks

January-August 12 (Atrium)

The desire to paint wondrous scenery is the driving force behind Terry Klaaren’s paint expeditions to the grandest sights our country has to offer. By visiting, touring, hiking, biking and paddling in over 70 of our National Parks, Monuments, River Corridors and Grasslands, Klaaren has achieved an intimate relationship painting on-site (Plein air) views from the celebrated Grand Canyon to Wyoming’s stark Devil’s Tower to the backwater mazes in Everglades National Park. Back in his Tampa studio, Klaaren has created his own personal interpretations of the grandeur, quirkiness, and robust character of our vast nation’s environmental canvas.

“I paint or create everyday – either on someone’s wall, out in nature or  in my studio. I truly enjoy creatively translating with paint. Coaching other people to find and expand on their own personal talent while being an all-around artist is a role I happily play.”– Terry Klaaren
 Badlands Horses
Mesa Verde NP -  White House Dwelling
Spider Woman Rock - Canyon de Chelly NP


James Vann: Jazzy Illusions

By the Dock of the Bay by James Vann

By the Dock of the Bay by James Vann

James Vann, clearly recalls his first work of art, a finger painting done when he was just a toddler.

“Painting that picture is my earliest recollection,” said the Valrico artist. “Just seeing the colors blend together was amazing to me. I’ve had a paintbrush or pencil inmy hand ever since.”

The award-winning artist was 10 years old when a relative gave him his first paint set.

“I loved it. It was like a refuge for me. When you’re painting, you go somewhere else, to a serene place,” he said. “There’s nothing like it.”

His artistic talent didn’t go unnoticed. In junior high school, Vann won a Keep New York City Clean contest for a poster he created.

His teachers recommended he apply for the Art & Design High School in Manhattan, and he was promptly accepted.

”There, I was exposed to a lot of different mediums including airbrush and illustration,” said Vann.

After a four-year stint in the Marine Corps, Vann continued his art career at the Albert Pels Art School in New York City on the GI bill.

After graduating, he went to work for the New York City Correction Department, at New York City’s main jail complex on Rikers Island, and the Manhattan City Jail for Men aka The Tombs.

His artistic talents were discovered and he was promoted to the position of Art Director for the, correctional system, teaching art to the inmates throughout the city. “I used to take the prisoners’ painting down to galleries in Soho to exhibit.

It wasn’t until he retired and moved to Tampa, Florida, 20 years ago that Vann was able to pursue his own artwork in earnest, again.

“Like everyone who moves to Florida, I started painting palm trees and landscapes but realized this was the kind of work everyone was doing,” he said. “I wanted my own identity so I developed what I call neo-cubism, characterized by big, bright and bold geometric shapes.

Vann’s work often incorporates his love of jazz. His influences include artists Jacob Lawrence and Romare Bearden & William Tolliver.

James’ works have been featured ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX News & local Print Media. He is also featured in WEDU ARTSPLUS: 

Other accomplishments:

  • Commissioned by the Hillsborough County Arts Council to paint 8 murals in East Tampa’s Police Station & Lee Davis Neighborhood Service Center.
  • James was selected “Brushstrokes Artist of the year 2010” by the Brandon Chamber League of Arts.
  • James was born in Brooklyn, NY. He graduated from the High School of Art & Design & studied fine art design at the Albert Pels School of Art, Both in NYC.
  • He is a US Marine veteran, honorably discharged.
  • James is also a retired NYC Correction Officer where he also served as the Art Director for the department of Public Affairs Unit. In that capacity, James instructed art classes to inmates in the 5 city jails & Rikers Island.
  • Vann was commissioned by the city of Tampa to design & paint 6 murals for the Tampa Police Department, District III Headquarters.
  • He also was commissioned by the city of Tampa to paint 2 Murals in the Lee Davis Neighborhood Service Center in East Tampa.
  • His artwork has been shown on NBC, CBS,ABC, Fox News plus, local newspapers Tampa Tribune, Creative Loafing, St. Petersburg Times & More. James has also been interviewed on NPR radio & StoryCorps.
  • James Artwork is in the collection of Donald Bain & acknowledged in the USA Today, Best Selling Series, “Murder She Wrote, Prescription for Murder” by Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain.

At the Crossroads by James Vann     Birth of the Cool by James Vann     Untitled by James Vann


July 1 – August 29

Inspiration, is an art show that explores the subject of our Muse. 

 Presented by the Gallery at Carrollwood Cultural Center, Inspiration is a collection of art that reflects  our relationship to our source of inspiration or the energy signature that comes from the creative birth of new forms. Twenty-five artists qualify the elusive device of “inspiration” in visual form with 54 paintings, drawings, photographs and sculpture.

1st Place: "Arizona Dave" by Kris Gregg / 2015 Inspiration

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1st Place: "Arizona Dave" by Kris Gregg / 2015 Inspiration

2015 Inspiration Winners

  • 1st Place:Arizona Dave by Kris Gregg
  • 2nd Place:Moon Magic by Joose Hadley
  • 3rd Place:Ace with Grace by Karyn Ademek
  • Honorable Mention:Mother and Child by Kathleen Hurley
  • Honorable Mention:Oeil de Tigre by Laney Stonesifer
  • Honorable Mention:Still Dream by Nancy Lauby
  • Judge: Stan Abramson