Welcome to the Carrollwood Cultural Center

 The What is the Carrollwood Cultural Center?

It’s where a 5-year-old girl discovers that she’s an artist, a 70-year-old man discovers he’s a musician, a 35-year-old woman learns ballet and a family grows stronger by sharing the stage together.

It’s the banquet hall where Anna married Luis. It’s the meeting room where Jennifer launched her career. It’s the stage where Oliver found a family and a Music Man traded swindling for love.

The Carrollwood Cultural Center is much more than a building. It’s the place where strangers become friends and friends become family.

Above all, it’s a place where a community came together to  prove—and continue to prove–that ordinary citizens can, through their labors and generosity, determine the culture of the place in which they live out their lives.

Have you heard?

Chapters of art are the focal points of show at Cultural Center (Amy Jo Guenther • The Tampa Tribune – 4/22/15) Joan L. Garcia, whose collection, “Always a Story,” opened April 10 at the Carrollwood Cultural Center, made that her collection’s focal point. The exhibit is broken up in to chapters that are a tribute to Garcia’s journey as an artist and a person, organized chronologically. Most pieces have an explanation of what the story is behind it. (READ MORE)

Radiant Fruit now open at the Carrollwood Cultural Center (Northwest News staff report • The Tampa Tribune – 4/22/15) Florida is the citrus state. The state was grown by the fruit industry. Citrus has always been a key element of Florida’s economy, so what better way to celebrate that than with an art exhibit dedicated to fruit? Radiant Fruit is currently displayed at the Carrollwood Cultural Center. Local artists supplied their own work to go with the theme, and a beautiful display was born. (READ MORE)

The Tampa Kids Market Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs to Explore Business and Commerce (Kim Thomas • Carrollwood Area Neighborhood News & Lifestyles – April 2015) The Tampa Kids Market gives kids ages 8–17 the opportunity to learn commerce in an open market setting. (READ MORE)